Being different

​When I was young, I was different. 

Might l say, “so was everyone!”

But life was different back then.

Ah ha…. Disagreed no-one.
There were hopes, there were dreams.

Are we playing this, counting 1-2-3?

So what has changed then? 

Maybe the time has changed?

But, you’re stuck in the moment?

“Definitely!” Said a voice in my head
I am going to hate myself for this.

Can I get a pint instead?

Never thought life would come to this.

Drinking on a broad daylight?

How much more pathetic can I be?
Let’s start from the beginning.
When I was young, I was different.

Might I ask, “who wasn’t?”

Ah! Forget it. 

Let’s just go to bed. 

Sleeping on a broad daylight?

Do I call it ethics or the values?

The list of, “to dos and don’ts”.
So, when I was young….


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