Life as it goes

Yesterday morning as I came to work around 8:30 am, I witnessed something natural, yet saddening & disheartening. My temporary cubicle at work is right beside a window facing South-West. My mornings are usually spent by feeling the cool breeze as sun hits my window only after 1 O’Clock in the afternoon. I don’t mind; it’s summer. Every morning I hear crows caw outside my window. Sometimes they drop mango seeds and other items they’ve picked. I’ve gotten used to it. People wouldn’t be wrong if they think, I’ve grown a liking for them. As most people know how I love animals & birds. I enjoy watching them steal or bring items from people and places. I find their intelligence fascinating. Reminds me of the childhood story; one where a crow fills a pot with pebbles so that it can drink water.

The saddening and disheartening part about life is death. As I was climbing up the stairs, on the parking garage, I witnessed a dead crow. And one of its companion peaked the dead crow with its beak. From what I witnessed, it was only trying to wake it up. But I knew it wouldn’t happen. The other crow continuously pecked and pulled and nudged the dead crow; but it wouldn’t wake up. The effort seemed useless. I did not know what had killed the crow or how the crow died, but all I knew was it wouldn’t breathe again. And I left the pain of the other crow as it tried to bring its companion back to life. I felt pity that there was nothing I could do and I was no different than the other crows cawing from the top of a wire.

The crow finally got tired of fighting the nature and the process of life and death. And like every other being, it left its companion and moaned in the dark by the hand pump alone. My half hour spent early in the morning made me realize things. That nothing is life is permanent; not even the life itself. In the world where even the shadows leave its figure in the dark, it is only natural that everyone else leave too.

I suppose, that’s how our end will be too. But I only hope that someone will love us and care enough to try and fight the natural order of life and death for us, and I do the same for others. Life is harsh and bitter but life can’t only be about sad parts. I hope we all find that passionate companion to share the care and love and make this world a place to life for.


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