When I was 6,
I held a handlebar with a tiny chirping horn
My dad taught me how to ride a bicycle
I remember my dad holding us from behind (me and my cycle)
Then when I was 16,
Handlebars grew a little and so did the horn
I was already on the front seat of the motorcycle
Dad sitting behind and holding the handle bars with me
And when I was almost 26,
My dad was sitting right next to me
While I held a steering wheel
Where engines roared louder than the horns
And he taught me how to drive a four wheeler
He’s not just taught me about vehicles
But also given me life lessons
He’s taught me that every phase has its training wheels
And every trainee falls but needs be patient
With every instruction he gave,
He taught me about the wheels of life
With every guidance I received,
I learned more about the balance and perseverance
That with time, everything is possible
All I need to do is look ahead with my hands steady
Finally I am 26,
And every time I head out,
my dad still instructs me to drive slow
I guess I have a lot more to learn.


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