Lost Brownie

Once upon a time Sid took his dog Brownie for a walk in the mountains. Suddenly, Brownie got off the lease and started chasing a squirrel. It was getting dark, so Sid returned home hoping for Brownie to find his way back.
What happened next?? (My story is just a continuation of the starter above, given by Sasto Book)

Sid comes back home. His wife and kids are waiting with a hot bowl of stew. Of course, Brownie isn’t home. Martha is worried. Jack and Sofie are crying. Sid gets his gun and a flashlight and heads back to the mountains again, leaving his wife and kids home. He follows a trail from where Brownie took off. After a while, he loses it. He sees no hope and thus he returns back. Martha is waiting by the door after putting the kids to sleep. She asks him again and again, but all he does is nod his head in despair. Sid holds Martha in his arms and takes her back in.

The night never seemed so quiet. They’d jump up their bed to take a peek out the window at every howl. Last summer, after Sofie visited her aunt Merelin’s farm at the moo-town, she insisted on having a puppy for herself. Martha remembers how Sofie screamed all day to have one of the puppies brought home from Mr. Whiskerson. She stomped her foot and threw away her food until Sid agreed to bring her the puppy. Winter had just ended and the weather wasn’t as chilly as it used to be. “Poor Brownie must have been hungry. Did something happen to him? Mr. Whiskerson’s old Nigel was taken into the woods by wild cats few months ago. Was he…? Is he….. safe?” Martha confided her fears with Sid. He tried everything he could to comfort her. He woke up every 15 minutes and look down the porch. But there was no sign of Brownie. And the night just passed away in waiting.

It was still dark outside. But Sid did not care. It was 4 in the morning and he just could not wait. Took his gun and his torch and headed to the mountains. On his way, he passed by Mr. Whiskerson’s house and saw the lights turned on. Mr. Whiskerson was milking his cows as usual. After a little chatter, Mr. Whiskerson tags along. They walk on for an hour from where Sid left last night, until they reach the river. But hopelessly, they find no signs of Brownie. Mr. Whiskerson insists on following down the river, because heading down the river would be the easiest way home. A little ahead, Sid smells something funny, something rotten.
Trails of blood below an old willow tree. Sid screams in fear. Mr. Whiskerson runs down to comfort Sid. After what seems like hours of sobbing, Mr. Whiskerson asks Sid to come home with him. But Sid insists on continuing the trail until they find Brownie’s body. And shortly by the river, they find a dead squirrel. “Bollocks! This must have been it. The bloody trails for pet’s sake.” Mr. Whiskerson pats Sid on his solders trying to comfort. Hopes run a little high.

It was 2 in the noon and still no sign of Brownie. Sid, hanging his head low, they head back home. As they reach the edge of the forest, they hear a howl. Somewhere, something was howling as if in pain. There was a tremor in the howl. Sid runs towards the noise. Instinctively, he knows that it was Brownie; his Brownie. The little Brownie that Martha complained about whenever it took a dump on her lawn or whenever he pulled out the freshly washed laundry off the ropes. But Jack and Sofie would be so happy. Brownie was a son for Sid. He’d wait on the porch all day for Sid to come back home. And they’d all chase around Frisbee on the weekends. Sid finds Brownie down on a small pit. He can barely move. As if something had him chained and tied down to the pit. “Blimey ! That’s the trap I set for the wild….. you know? After they took away my…. you know? Sort of….. Nigel?” Mr. Whiskerson bellows with baffle anxiety and fear. “You sure did catch a big one Mr. Whiskerson.” Sid replies as he frees Brownie off the chained trap. Brownie drains tears down his eyes. He squeaks as they take him to the clinic. And by nightfall, Jack and Sofie visit Brownie with their mother to take him home. Martha makes her finest stew and Brownie gets one too.


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