A New Year’s Eve

Shining stars, drifting on the dark night sky
Wandering are our thoughts too
Magical moonlight and the fancy,
Fancy heart shaped chocolate stew
Winter cold, frost bite
How your hands slipped, crossed with mine

Euphoria and the madness to the drumming heart
You are my Achilles’ heel on the New Year’s Eve
The mystery of raisins and the plum tart
I can see your shining eye lashes
Trying to find the old, rusty look on mine

Candle lit tables spread as the glasses cling
The mystical chime in the air as we saunter
Across what seems like a French Boulevard
People blared as they fest with pompous display ajar

Like a violin’s bow our tongues tune
As we mid-embrace
With the straying heart
Falling as though constellation wain
Fingers running in a harp
Our souls have left the realm

Drizzle, mizzle our love in secret
Never to be parted, never to be broken
Young hope led off of savor
A warm goodbye on a New Year’s Eve


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