Day Two: A Room With a View


Radiant flowers spread till the edge of horizon. Autumn’s sun. Bare feet and a summer dress. Peace. The feeling of being the only human in there, as far as it goes.

This is the picture that I often transport myself into, mentally, if not physically. This is somewhere, if this somewhere exists, where I’d like to go, and forget about the dominance of time and obligations. But this picture never ends. As quiet and tranquil as it sounds, the rustle of the trees and the whisper of the winds keep me on my feet, treating my senses. Although it calms my senses, it never lets me sleep. Here, I don’t need to sleep. Because sleep is an escape from reality, and this feeling, I could never get enough of it. As I lie down on the grass, I peek open one of my eyes, and see the flora, moving, in…

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