Dilemma of being different

She drinks, tea
I like coffee

The sweetness allures her
Warms her insides
But I want bitter
Something strong that chills my veins

She eats street foods
I find it, highly unhygienic

Spicy paste,
Is just her taste
Where I prefer,
Pricey, dull looking delicacies.

She loves those colorful flowers
I always wished them to be black and white

Fragrance and the brightness
Reminds her of her childhood days
Brightens up her days
While I understand
And reminisce the truth
I know the darker days

She hums to the melodies
And I sit silently cooped up to myself

The enchanting tunes that ripple through the air
Catches her off guard; lets her dance
But I’ve always favored silence to the death

She is a people’s person
And I like sitting alone

The world has a liking for her bold ideas
She has that charm of pleasing people
When all I want to do is dip in the loneliness

In fact, she is so awesome;
She makes the world dream
While I stay aloof dreaming about her
Is it so fair, that I had to fall in love with her?
When, we are two opposite ends that will never meet

After all, we are different
She drinks, tea
I like coffee.


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