And I Wait and Wait and Wait…..

Breathless I wake up
It is 2 in the morning
Under the heaving breath
With a sleepy head
My hands crawl and fumble
To find the cell phone beside

The time is digitally moving
As though torn came to life
My eyes can barely catch them
But my fingers rush
Quickly towars the message box
“Dear, I Love You!”
The messenger bird has taken it away
And I wait and wait and wait
The longest 2 minutes of my life

The wait seemed too long
Quick! A Viber, Messanger, WeChat, WhatsApp
Stickers, voice messages, Smilies
“Baby! I Love You!”
And two more minutes of wait
I wait and wait and wait
By the digital tron almost coming alive

I get too impatient to wait any longer
I give a call
“Troot”, “Troot”, “Troot”, “Troot”
The ring goes on
The call is unanswered
The nightmare has gotten worse
Have I lost it? Have I lost her?
Oh God! Please!

I run down the stairs,
Leaving my front door open
I just pace through the street
Skipping the dark alleys
I reach by her front door
“Knock”, “Knock”, “Tring”, “Tring”
And nothing works
This is driving me crazy
And I wait and wait and wait

Hours pass; And the sunrise
6 in the morning she peeks a glimpse
Through the tiny gap between her curtains
She comes running down
To ask me what’s going on
What is really wrong
“It was my worse nightmare,
I thought I had lost you.
Sweet heart! I’ll Love You till the end”


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