Journey of an endless lover

She wore gray stripes on white
Pulling it, stretching it
With her thumb inside
As she grew closer
It only made her front look luscious

It was all about lust

Slowly she spun around
Unbuttoning her tight Levis jeans
Just to button it again
What way to taunt
With a jerk of her wrist
Pushing over the bed

How lecherous

Her eyes
Blazing brighter than the sun
Body even warmer
Sweat rolling down her neck
And curving right into her bosoms
She hopped over
Pulled her hair behind
And tardily leaned so close

Moves very treacherous

Like a slow blowing wind
She exhaled right by the ear
How swiftly she shifted
Then her lips quivered
Entangling itself to the other
Rolling her tongue
Right on the other

Thus grew the desire

Hands holding her hips, moving
As if they were searching something
Fingers ran all the way
Through those stripes she wore
Held her back
Unhooked her
And gently pushed her away
Those hands played
Around her front
As she gave a wild smile

Very tempting

She could not hold back either
Her hands ran fast
Surged through his blue untidy jeans
Giving it a thrust
Just hear him groan

Was it too much to bear?

Hands quickly rampaging through her body
Rapidly took off those stripes
And everything underneath
Flipped her over
Hurriedly took her Levis off
There was nothing beneath
Ran those fingers through
Those bushy pubic hair
Right to the opening

Now a mystery

She gave in
She found heaven
She touched the sky
She moaned louder and louder
The clouds melted and poured snow
Taking her to a place
She never wanted to impart

It was breathless

As she watched those dirty blue jeans come off
She took two long breaths
To spread her legs
And over again began the upsurge
Everything blacked out faster and faster
Holding her hands tight
She wished it never ended
But it was the few seconds of nirvana
That took her breath away
And throw her back to the light
Finally the bodies collide
As they come to rest beside

What journey


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