Pray & Hope

I have been nothing but good.
Will he really listen to us?
Will he hear every word you and I whisper?
Will he see your tear and roll over some mercy upon us?
Will he bless us?

I do not know what will happen
But we put our chin down and have faith
Hold our hands tight
And keep believing even on the darkest of hours
There will shine a ray of light
We pray and surely our prayers will be heard
The Lord almighty will mercy upon us
Have faith.

Then when will he come fix it?
When will he bring daddy home?
I really miss him.
Aunt Nebula says he’s never going to come home.
Why? Is it true?

Dear love,
Today you light a candle
And tomorrow he will certainly brighten up your day
Even I miss him
All we can do is stay put and hold our tears
For, even I do not know if he will
I do not know the answers to your question
I do not know what truth is anymore
Even I walk in vain
But as long as we have Lord,
We Pray & Hope.


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