Just for you

On a starry night 
Beneath the glowin moonlight 
I’ll wait for you
Right on the curve of your house 
Hoping you’ll spring up by the window 
And when you do, 
And when you see me 
Standing right across your garden 
With some thought in your smile 
You’ll finally show yourself 
I’ll pull up some logs
Just to make a cart for you
And when I’m done,
Like your knight in the shining armor 
I shall lift you up 
And gently put you on my vehicle 
Then I’ll take you
On the ride of your lifetime
Across the flowery gardens
Passing the rabbit burrows 
Pacing up and down 
The hill of green grass
Until we reach the view
We’ll share the moment
And embrace each other
We’ll have a little show
Of romance on the bench beside
And later,
As you sit on a mat I lay for you
I climb higher on the tree top 
Just like in the films
To pluck a basket of stars 
Only to show you
And when I pamper
With all the unworldly treasures
We’ll dine somewhere new 
Sipping coffee and biting biscuits, 
I’ll hold you
And for the end
We’ll fly right towards the moon
On a hot air balloon


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