Women in the shadows

It was 11 and I could not sleep
I sat the window ledge, lighting up a cigarette
Not knowing what was coming next
I wandered into my playful thoughts
Into the crowded alleys of daylight, now empty street below where lights were dimly lit
As I sat there leaning my back on the wall, puffing up
A figure emerged in the shadows behind the lamp
All i could see was a slender figure in a red silky gown
As her face stayed hidden in the shadows
She held a small side purse in one hand
While smoke lit in her skinny long fingers at other
She could not see me through the darkness
But I could clearly visualise her making the small puffs
I spend minute by minute, watching her body language
She got agitated and flinched at every vehicle that passed her
Was she waiting for someone?
Now and then, she’d grab a small mirror off her purse
To redo her makeup, putting on some lipstick
I was momentarily infatuated by her charm
All I wanted was to run downstairs and pull her back to me
Embrace her tightly in my arms and kiss her lips
As I asked myself, what was it that I wanted with the stranger?
Suddenly i felt a burning sensation from my hands
Was the feeling real for someone I did not even know?
But the burn was too deep
And I just realized, the cigarette had lit its end leaving the ashes hanging
In her thoughts, I hadn’t puffed in a while
I brushed the ends with my finger tips right over the glass
As I opened the window to throw it out
She had bent over to converse, with the man on the steering of a sedan parked right in front of her
I felt the chill of a cold blowing wind in my chest
She rode in the car and drove away as I stayed watching the women in the shadows


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