Remembrance of a Lifeless lover

Arms folded around my knees, I watch the splashing rain
Boot prints on the mud, washed away like all my mindfulness
Flashback of memories, crawls in like the ants in bed
But tonight this lonely heart only seeks a shelter in shade
Promises were broken and buried into graves
Even with my eyes shut, I can feel your shapes
I play with the fog on the window
Write our names together, marking the circle of zen
Only to get covered by more mist
But I can still see the impressions made by my own fingers
I assay warmth when the chill gets into my veins
Peaceful tunes ring into my ears and I stay aloof
Like little clusters of silver pearls, one by one it rolls down my cheeks to throat
Only comfort is in knowing, nothing lasts for ever
If eternity were real, I’d ponder into my own tears making it difficult to breathe
I let go; And as my hands unfold, the soul just walks away
Leaving behind a lifeless corpse as if you asked it to join you
After a moment’s wandering and rest, the spirit is shoved back in like it was a jest
Cold air I inhale, to take a look at life once again, to let my heart scream
My lifeless lover, why have you forgotten me?


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