Life a stain

Washing the stains with detergent
I wish I could clean my life this easy 
Scrub of all the blot put into me 
Make it all fresh and pungent
Dip myself to cleanse the soul off smear
I tried to pluck the roses to get the fragrant on me
But all I got was unsavory slur on, with thorn pierced into me
Wishing I could mix the solvent in life 
Make it pristine, just the way it was
Now all I do is hang myself in the open
Waiting for the only hope left
I sway with every tiny breeze 
Praying that someday the slanderous stain 
Will be replaced by scented ambrosial
Now and then I just plunge myself in to cleaner 
To uncover the face I’ve coated with grease


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