Just not meant to be

Maybe we’re just not meant to be
Maybe we’re two missing pieces of different puzzle
Maybe we’re different in 1000 ways
I am like the blazing sun
While you’re like the cold, tiny moon
I sing of love like a dove
While you copy my tune like a parrot
Maybe we’re the king and queen of a chess board
But simply different colors
Maybe we’re still lovers
But simply meant to pawn one another
Maybe we’re addicted, but to some other things
Maybe we’re in love but we really don’t see
Maybe we just want two different things
I soothe like the sweet honey
While you burn like a vodka
Like a rolled up joint, I want peace
But you want pain after stabbing the bottle of whiskey
Now I can only see you as a poisonous sly
Even though you still want to give it a try
But you should realize, you’re letting my feelings die
You say you love me
But I still see you cheat and lie
Whatever it is, I now think
Maybe we’re just not meant to be


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