Cute little girl, brewing tea

Cute little girl, brewing tea for her grandma sitting on the front porch
She gets the kettle, but can barely reach the stove
She lights up the fire before putting it on 
And tries to reach the jar of sugar
She stretches her arms all she can
But her hands are still short for that
She looks left and right for help 
Finds her grandma asleep like she’s in bed
Using her wit, she thinks she could climb on the chair
To reach that little jar of china clay
She moves to the dinning and grabs a chair tightly
One, two, and three, she tries to hoist it
But the chair is too heavy
Wouldn’t even buzz an inch
Then, cunningly she leans on the chair 
Pushes it with all her might 
Making all the dragging sounds 
Slowly she gets it right 
She again looks left and right
Her grandma is still asleep in the aisle
She slowly tries climbing on the chair 
As she finds it moving, she jumps down with the fear
After a while she eventually gets it
Grabs the jar and puts the chair back where it was
Looking for some signs of her grandma
Cautiously, she gets back to brewing 
Turns off the stove and grabs the kettle 
Pours the tea on the cup with some sugar
And finally she brews the tea
But little did she know her grandma was faking her sleep
Grandma’s seen everything she’s done 
She finds her grandma staring, while she turns around 
Tears start rolling her eyes as she rattles scared 
But grandma pulls her over and hugs her with blare
Cute little girl, serves her grandma the tea
Not knowing if it tastes weird


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