At noon,
I stay aloof on a hilltop
Watching the paddy fields 
Swing and dance with the breeze
Bringing the smell of the soil
Right up to my nose
Making a swing right behind a huge tree 
Vines and ropes are tied to few bamboo sticks
Somewhere along squirrels & sparrows sing a duet 
While farmers work the green fields 
Making the place look picture-postcard
As I admire the picturesque view
Slowly the crimson sky turns gray 
And as I watch
Rain, drips on the valley 
Scaring the kids away
But there’s a procession 
A ceremony for the husbandman
They sing and dance 
To the sounds of Dhimay and Jhurma
I keep on watching them stamp their feet 
Deep in the pool of mud
Until the rain finally stops 
Bringing a rainbow on



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