Drunken Thought

He reaches his pocket on the right. Brings out the keys.
Holds the knob with his left and tries to get it in with his right.
He fumbles; his hand shakes trying to find the right key.
He drops the key. He growls in frustration as he bends down to pick the key.
“Thud!” His head bangs on the knob as he tries to get back up.
Moaning in agonizing pain, he rubs his head and fumbles with the keys again.
Finally, he gets it right. The lock clicks and he pushes it in.
The room is dark; pitch black; nothing he can see with his blurry eyes.
Pushes back the door shut as he finds his way in.
Tries to lurk himself in the attempt to find his bed.
“Wham!” He falls onto the floor as he steps on something.
Crawls into his hands and knees trying to get up.
As he slowly gets back on his two feet, he dabs his fist on the wall at his right, trying to find the switch.
Jams his fingers on all the switches, not knowing which really turns on the lights.
Suddenly it is bright everywhere except for the light in the kitchen.
The bulb might have been burned out.

As he laid his eyes on the room, seeking for his bed, all he could see was bottles scattered around the floor.
Red, Blue, Green, all colors of bottle that made his eyes burn and feel dizzy for a while.
He sluggishly pushes forward dogging the bottles on his way.
The couch in the living room is thrown on its back. The table seems to be broken.
Frames on the walls are dangling tilted. The tap on the basin outside the bathroom seems to be broken. Water is dripping out. And he can hear the ripples in the silence.
He bumps onto a stool on his way to his bedroom. But does not care to look back.
He lingers around the bedroom door as if he’s forgotten something.
Then slowly, he opens it up to get him in. The bedroom seems to be dimly lit. With a table lamp beside the bed. As he nears the bed, on his mid conscious state, he calls “Malati!”,”Maliti!” and passes out on the floor beneath.


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