Words of love

Dear beloved! 
You’ve stolen my heart!

I can say, no feeling is more beautiful than the feeling that comes of having someone to dream about in the eternal bliss

Today, the cold wind blowing all over reminds me of your presence
I have only begun to see the beauty of the world, and that the essence of life is in hopes and the gist of dreams is in believing. And I got to know that only after I had the first glimpse of you. 
All I want to do is sit watching you because your every thought now makes me feel weak and makes me tremble. I have spent brewing a sweet hot cauldron of love in your thoughts each day and all I want to do is mould myself in it.
I still do not know if it’s your beauty or your charm that has had me on my knees. The glow in your face makes me want to gaze you all day long. Hallucination has been a daily issue, because I see you wherever I go. 

For a fact, I know, I am crazy about you. 
I am crazy about your dark brown eyes that looks like a molten chocolate lava. It just leads me to a place of forgetfulness and I almost have an amnesia. It certainly makes me forget about all other existence. All I can see is you.
Even though it scares me, I have always loved the warm feeling I get when you are closer. My heart pounds, beats, gallops and hops in your presence and I feel like a lovelorn loon. I feel tongue tied, every time I try to speak to you.
But there is nothing I wouldn’t do to convey my deepest thoughts. I would do anything to share a laugh or a tear with you. I make a mental picture of you every morning and night and I have started to wish and hope that I can keep you in my eyes forever. For I know that there is no one worth keeping, no one worth caring and no one worth loving other than you. 
Even though it might sound desperate, I want you and I need you. I love you and won’t ask anything more than you. 

Dear beloved! 
You’ve stolen my heart! 
And yet, I really, really love you.

Sarthak Amatya


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