Story of a sly fox

Extravagantly they praised the fox
Sly, cunning, witty they thought 
He would climb over bricks and stones
Pilled up to make up the walls
Jump, trot and run like nothing else 
Hunting little squirrels to fishes
He would make real, all his wishes
He would sneak up on anyone 
Like no one could 
Tales of his fortune ran across the wind 
How he’d caught a mouse before the bin
All the wimp ran into hiding 
When he walked down the lane 
Back then, people fathomed his story
With gruesome and fear
But then came a turning point 
When he fell in love with grapes 
He wanted to eat them, taste them 
Have them fill his heart 
Only back and forth could he swing on the vines 
Jump jump and never reached the bunch
Tired of trying
He would just sit below watching
He would spend hours in waiting 
People all over the country would come 
Watch this famous fiasco 
See him dance as the leaves swirled
And now everyone gouged him with pity
And that is how ended the story of a sly fox


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