In the club

Partying in the club
Drinking bottle full of beers
Vodka, whiskey, rum
Calling shots all for fun
Ladies dancing 
With the miniskirts on
I am grooving 
Watching their booty shake
Moving on the couch 
She looks like a model
Who got hammered
Rocking with all the flavors 
She’s got a joint 
Trying to get stoned 
And I felt cold watching her hips display
Now mamma, 
I wanna take her home
Screw on the bed, 
On the couch
Get all the fun
Show her all the moves I’ve got
She’s so hot
She’s got me fly
Even her daddy would find her smooth 
And give her a try
I bet she talks nasty
Her hips really, really tasty
I wanna feel her body in motion
I wanna feel her touch
When she’d blow me 
Other than a kiss
When I get closer
She writes me her number
Sticks it to my crotch 
Is that all you’ve got?
This is how she gets along
Giving me all her love
Partying in the club


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