Little boy

Little boy
Little boy
Down the street 
Is where he lives 
On the pile of garbage and plastic
He finds his needs
He keeps saying,
“Even a shelter with a broken bed would do”
He could live on wasted foods too
Barefooted, half covered body
He does not feel shame in it

Everyday I see him
For a living he begs and sings
But people beat him on his hands and limbs
Do they really not understand his sorrow?
Orphan as he is, he is also a kid

Little boy 
Little boy
Below a bench I find him sleeping
On a cold winter morning
No sign of pain, sorrow or grief
As I tried waking him up
To give him some change in my pocket
All I could find was a note of 10
Even then, as I stared into his eyes
He did not blink with greed
Suddenly I realized, 
His life wasn’t his
From all the worldly matters
He was finally free

Little boy 
Little boy 
I hope in heaven 
He still dances and sings


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