Mirror! Mirror!

Mirror! Mirror!
Who’s the prettiest of all?
Could I ever go out on a date with her?
Would she be kind?
Would she go out and dine?
Would she really be mine?

Oh dear!
Only if she were blind
I hope you don’t mind?
Because you know,
She’d go all crazy and wind
I’ll hook you up if that is fine

Mirror! Mirror!
I was hoping to pop-up some champagne
Or some bottle of sparkling wine
But I guess loving is just a crime
Anyway, I don’t have no dime

Dear me!
You’re acting like a grind
Do bear in mind
If you keep acting like this
You’ll surely get declined
Say your love is undefined
Now, go get aligned

Mirror! Mirror!
Could you please rewind?

Do you mind not crossing the line?


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