Comfortably Numb

As comfortable as it seems, it never is
No matter how hard I try, awkward it always is
Having a conversation staring into her eyes
Don’t know why, but makes me look quiet dumb
I ask looking for signs; suggestions
All she does is, plays with her hair
Running her fingers in circles, right behind her ear
Looks away; Having a thinker’s expression
I keep wondering if I am not good enough
But does she even care?
A little cough, hoping to take the situation at ease
In real, it does not
Instead I am an even more nervous
Ears all red and no sound at all
Wao! and that’s when I stumble
With few words; ummm… ahhhh…. soooo??
She looks at me and I am all blank
I can see question mark hanging right above her head
Yet she shows a feeble smile
After a few more attempts,
All I can feel is a little numb
So, I just quit
And get on with playing some tunes
Suddenly, like an hour of silence was nothing
She hums along with me
But as comfortable as it seems, it never is


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