The Only Way::

As my body hit the icy cold water
Everything grew numb
And as it touched my head
I had no urge to repulse the brain freeze
Hart longed for the pain
My eyes grew wider 
And my memories opened
I dipped myself in the pensive mood 
Every thought grew clear like a vision 
One by one the flashback started
The pains, tears, yelling…..
Even the unhappiest of them all 
Flashed like a movie in 60 seconds
It portrayed my whole life 
And the trip to the other side was abominable
But I wanted more of it
Enduring the pain was the only way
The body kept going numb
As if the life itself, would let go of it
But I had to
It was the only way 
To have a closer look at those relinquish memories
Without damaging the soul
I saw everything
I reflected all the shadows of my past
The past, that had been long forgotten
But deep within caused enough pain
And slowly after the moment felt like hours
I let go of everything
Got out of the icy cold water
To only see my body in blisters
I felt like I had seen everything and just let go
I let go of everything that was holding me back
All the burden of yesterdays 
My soul felt quenched
But it was the only way


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