Do you know who I am?

I bend the rules
For I am the maker 
The one who made all the laws
I am divine
With all the super powers
That no one has
I am the judge 
That seeks the truth
And I am the executioner
Punishing the crook
Fear me 
If you’ve sinned 
You know I’ll 
Condemn you with all your guilt

I shall be your helping hand
To the ones who need
I shall be your provider
To the ones who seek
But mind you!
If you ever cross the line
And try to hurt anyone
I shall break your spine
For I am the destroyer 
The one who can spifflicate

I am in churches
I am in shrines
I am in every being 
I am even in you
For I am the universe
The one fact which is true
Do you even know who I am?


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