Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween had long past
Christmas was back
Seeing all the lights and fun
Jack was looking very sad
Then he wanted to steal the Christmas
So he could celebrate it with his whistlers

He was king of Halloween
Just tired of watching others scream
So he went up to the north pole
Tied the Santa in his bed post
Robbed him off his Christmas
Jack stoke Santa’s clothes

Chocolates, toys, gifts all he took
Chasing Elf he gave them a shook
Put it on carriage with nook
Off he flew with the dear
As he saw houses near
All the children were standing with fear
For he had like planned, stolen the Christmas

After he went back to his home
Singing, cheering, dancing for him
Whistlers came by following him
But still he saw something missing
And then sally walked on to him
After a little scolding
She talked and put some sense into him

He goes back to north pole again
This time he gives Christmas back to Santa
Just as bad as it may seem
Jack went by to return the Christmas
Leaving back all this whistlers


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