Kathmandu has a ‘Little Italy’

Kathmandu has a ‘Little Italy’
Never knew it existed 
Until someone told me where it was
Narayanhiti on the front porch
People say it serves the best course
Zuppe soups to pasta and dolci
Mexican is on its menu
Kathmandu has a ‘Little Italy’
Now and then I want to go there
Dine with friends and grab a bite here
Buona appitite I can find with care
Garlic, olives, capers you lay 
On the toppings for the fey
Little Rome you created for me
On my home town you brought it for me
Un buon servizio I say
Only after knowing how much to pay
Little Italy I’m coming for you
You are on my 1000 things to do
Thank you for the conviviality ambiance you share
Might I someday be there at err
Kathmandu has a ‘Little Italy’
Even though I never knew it existed
Kathmandu has a ‘Little Italy’


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