Tale of a Ventriloquist



The pleasure of everything lies in the silence of nothingness

But the empty spaces keep haunting me each day

And the pain has its own meaning, its own way of giving

But there is always a new beginning


Sorrows lie beneath my path

I embrace them unwillingly

In the dark they take me

Reminds me what pleasure used to be


Courage is what needs to be

So that I fly away to the lad of my dreams

With the wings of high spirit


No cloud can take me down

When the light shines around 

The grief of being me is not in the solitude of unhappiness

I give myself the verdict of being unworthy

For I have solely uttered, my prayers of truthfulness.


Deep within, I am a Ventriloquist .

My words deceive

‘Cause though and though

I am a Ventriloquist 




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