साथ तिमीले दिन्छु भन्थेउ
अज्ज एक्लो छोडी गयौ
Never mind that you broke those promises
When all you could have been was mine

तोडी गयौ बाचा बन्धन्
कसम कुनै रहेन बाकि
Lonesome you left me
With a broken heart
Feathers you cut mine
Tearing me apart

पिडा तिम्रो मायाको
अब सहन्न
हर्पल तिम्रो यादमा
अब म रुन्न
Scars of your love
Will fade away
Wound will heal, tears will dry

कुनै दिन् म भुल्नेछु
तिम्रा ति शब्द तिम्री ति बात्
बिर्सनेछु तिम्रा ति हेराइ
तिम्रा ति नजरको मात्
This is a cold blooded war
And I am untouchable
Even though am broken
I will survive
I will forever live on with my life

चाहिन्न तिम्रो साथ्
तिम्रो हात्, बोलिको मिठो लात्
I don’t need you
I don’t want you
तिमी नै राख तिम्रो Rose र पात ।
I don’t want to see you
No more timro Goodbies ko biswas ghat!


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